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About Sheri

This site highlights the work of Sheri Galvanized (AKA Zampelli, “Professor Gal”). Sheri is an author, professor and roller skater. She specializes in experiential learning and hypnosis. She posts weekly videos on YouTube. For an extensive outline of her experience as a workshop leader, tenured professor and clinician, see her CV. 


Dear Reader,


Thank you for stopping to visit this site and learn more. In 2000 I had my first book: From Sabotage to Success published (New Harbinger Publications). Since then, I have written additional books and articles, led workshops, been married and divorced. I spent a couple of decades building my career as a professor and engaging in my hobbies: roller derby and roller skating. Now, it’s time to write another book. 


The pandemic was an all time low for many, including yours truly. To survive, I got involved in a roller derby team and started writing. Being in solitude gave me time to reflect on what works to help one move from despair to victory. 


I was able to develop a 5 Step program especially designed to help people break free from self-defeating thoughts, feelings and behaviors while also gaining clarity and defining a life purpose. Now, it’s time to share my 5 Step program, V.I.G.O.R, with you. These 5 steps, combined with my hypnosis services will help you move out of the post-pandemic doldrums and increase your vigor and enthusiasm.


I look forward to working with you soon.




Sheri Gal


Sheri Galvanized

Published Stack


I've authored five books - all designed to increase positivity and and help you overcome hurdles.  

From Sabotage to Success

7 Super Simple Steps to Feel Better Fast

Donate Your Weight

More Random Acts of Kindness

Reach Your True Potential

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You can learn more about Sheri and her work on YouTube. On her channel she is currently reading her book, From Sabotage to Success and providing updates and stories to help viewers stop self-sabotage. You will also find a playlist of hypnosis recordings.  Click below and subscribe!

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