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This session is related to overcoming burnout and the related symptoms.  You can use your imagination to return to a memory when you were enthusiastic.  You will tap into your subconscious mind and program it to help you break the pattern of burnout and return to the enthusiastic you.  


You will practice using your breath to help you manage and let go of the symptoms of burnout.   You will use your imagination to tap into the enthusiastic you. You will program your mind to help you identify what needs to happen for you to reconnect,  discover and uncover the you who feels connected to puprose.


You will experience the sensation that it's "Already Done".  You are already on the other side of burnout.  This sensation will send your subconscious mind on a journey to show you how to do it.  


You can listen to this recording once or 100 times.  Do what you need to do to break free from burnout.  Keep track of the progress you experience, enjoy the journey, nurture hope.


Background sounds: Crystal singing bowls and brass cymbals

Length 21:14


#hypnosis #anxiety #burnout #lifepurpose

I choose the enthusiastic me over the burned out me - Hypnosis recording

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