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This recording will help the listener use the metaphor of going to the beach and playing in the waves as a mind/body connection to overcoming fear.  Learn to ride the wave of fearful feelings without getting overwhelmed or taken down by them.  You will notice the rise and fall of your breath as well and the ebb and flow of waves.


The ocean has swells, currents, tides, crests and sets that can be fun to ride when you go with the flow.  Fear and resistance can make the experience scary.  Sometimes you feel fear even when you're technically safe. You can learn to view waves of fear with playfulness and curiosity as you follow along with the vocal suggestions and engage your body and mind in an imagination exercise that creates an escape but also a tangible reminder that will help you move from fear to inner peace simply by using your breath and your imagination.


Background sound: Kalimba

Recording length: 22:29


Disclaimer, this recording is best for those who have been at the beach or have positive thougths about the ocean water and who have had mostly good experiences with ocean water and waves. 

The Waves of Perception - Overcoming Fear - Hypnosis recording

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