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We teach adult students to push past public speaking fears so they can confidently share empowering stories that inspire others to find their voice.


Our programs help you move past common roadblocks. 


Let go of stress that causes anxiety and burnout. Connect with your purpose and potential today.



Hire a speaker or get group coaching and hypnosis in a workshop setting to help you overcome public speaking fears

(AKA Glossophobia)


Video trainings and hypnosis audio available for download. Membership program coming soon. Click "shop" to purchase hypnosis audio today.


Work one on one with a professional to overcome self-imposed limitations so you can realize your purpose. Start by scheduling a consult today.

Hi, my name is Sheri Galvanized and I have fulfilled many roles throughout life from being the oldest girl in the family to being a counselor, a hypnotherapist, public speaker and professor of Human Services.

Throughout my life, I have been "The Strong One", and I have met many who are the strong one.

As somebody who's worked in the helping field for decades, I meet people who are incredibly strong and who want to heal their families, heal their communities and make a difference. I also see the devastating effects of burnout and exhaustion on these very same people.



To help you push past procrastination and realize your purpose.

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