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This is an original script created live and by inspiration by Sheri Galvanized CHt. This script may be used and modified by a hypnotherapist for a live session.  Session length: approximately 20 minutes. The hypnotherapist should use natural pauses and a flow that matches his or her style or the needs of the client. 


This session helps the client to let go of the negative aspects of perfectionism while offering the choice to find situations where attention to detail and excellence are enjoyable.  This session utilizes breathing and progressive relaxation techniques. The client will be guided by suggestibility statements regarding perfectionism, worthiness and will be encouraged to find joy in excellence as well as embrace what is good in life.  The relaxing hypnosis session also uses the suggestibility strategy of magnetizing the finger to the forehead.


The person using this script can choose his or her own background sounds. This script is not intended to be re-sold in written or recorded form by anyone unless they have express permission from Sheri Galvanized. Galvanized Intention, LLC

Hypnosis Script - Re-Thinking Perfectionism

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