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This relaxing hypnotic recording will lull you into a daydream state where you let go of any stress you're feeling in relation to making a change.  Your stress will be replaced with a calm knowing that you are prepared for the change that's taking place in your life.  You'll feel natural and comfortable about the concept of change and you'll be reminded of other changes you've made.


"It's possible", "it's doable", "I can make this change".  These are some of the suggestions you'll hear and they will sink deep into your subconscious mind and feel like second nature to you.


You will use your imagination to climb up a mountain road and leave the past behind.


Your thoughts don't call the shots!


You can use your breath in this recording to help you feel like you can do it even when you don't feel like your can.  You will be reminded to use your breath with eyes opened or with eyes closed.  You will notice your subconscious mind working its magic.


#hypnosis #anxiety #burnout #lifepurpose #procrastination #perfectionism


Background sounds: Kalimba

Length 19:48

I can handle this life of change - Hypnosis recording

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